Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little Christmas Gifts

I needed to make some little thankyou gifts this year for a Christmas event. Stampin' Up stuff to the rescue (and chocolate of course).

Here's what I made : there's a tube of So Saffron cardstock, made to fit a chocky bar (they are exotic Skor bars from Canada - delish!). Before fastening them at the back I ran the Retro Remix wheel over them. Then got to work with the punches to make Santa. That's a square scallop punch cut in half for his hat. I think I could have done with a face a tad smaller - as always, owning circle punches in every size is a good idea.

I drew the faces on in Stamp 'n Write marker. I should probably practice those!

What? Stamps on special?

Yes, it's true, Stampin' Up are having a SALE! There's a clearance of certain inventory items, and I'm very pleased about a couple of them.

First of all, check the list on this page, that'll show you what's on offer.

Next, grab your catalogue, and see what we're talking about.

Finally, recoil in delight as you discover ALPHABETS! HALF PRICE! Yup, three of them, two of which I don't already have. There's the Jumbo Outline alphabet (excellent, and used in my Giraffe card here). You can colour it in! You can overlap the letters. The "o"s are circles.

Then there's the Big Deal alphabet, which I've shown in full here (yes, it took some computer wizardry to do that, so you can be impressed). Oh wow, I need that one.

And there's also the Wild West alphabet, a very ornate and cool one...

Each of the alphabets is use $38.98 (that's half price). Good deal!

And there's more besides, but you'd better have a look. As my little friend Giraffy the Giraffe* would say, "Too cool".

* must work on that name.

Do the bunny hop!

Here's something I made... I was using the "Forest Friends" set from the last mini catalogue (such a great set, I'll bet that turns up in a regular catalogue in the future - not that I would know). It needed a little something.

Then my order from the CURRENT mini catalogue arrived. And there was the little something!

What would a little bunny be thinking of? Carrots, of course.

The carrot is made of (wait for it, it's good) the body of the butterfly from Butterfly Prints. Our friends at Stampin' Up have designed the wings and body as separate stamps, so you can use the butterfly punch on the wings. Yay for that!

For the record, to ink up a carrot, you can do one of two things. Use two markers (that's easy), or use two stamp pads. Since it's strictly top-half-one-colour and bottom-half-the-other-colour, you just tap half the stamp onto the pad, and have a good look from the side. My colours were Old Olive and Pumpkin Pie.

Oh, and of course the big thought bubble is the scallop oval. But what is the small bubble? You'll work it out.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A special ATC for Paperific

I was very happy to attend Paperific simply as a stamper this year - not working or running a stall. Ah, what fun!

I made some ATCs for swapping - wanna see?

Now, if you are keen of eye, you will notice that the stamps I'ved used here are NOT from the current catalogue. They are "retired" (that's so much nicer than saying "obsolete").

So here's my little essay on "retired" stamps.

It IS a nice thing to keep using your retired stamps, you know. You bought them because you love them, and old friends don't stop being old friends.

So when I'm representing Stampin' Up, or at a SU! function, or trying to sell you something (!) I'll be using all the latest and greatest. But when I just feel like tinkering with my lovely stamps, I'll be dipping into the old classics often. No wonder some older stamp sets become collectors items.

Oh, and you'll see, I managed to use that curly label punch on the day it arrived! That's Kraft card, and Old Olive ink, a classic combination, and behind the window it's Very Vanilla card and the same ink. I've added a little "drop shadow" in pale grey marker to the flowers - it makes them pop! And did I tell you SU! sponges are the best? I think I did. Well, they are.

Christmas Gift Giving - or maybe for you?

Have a look at the Gift Giving Guide Stampin' Up have released for the holiday season (I've added a link to it here, and it's on the Stampin' Up website too). What a great idea! If you spend just $85 on the goodies in the guide, you will score a FREE punch. A Square Scallop punch to be precise. Everyone needs that one.

But here's and extra bit of info - the offer's been updated - you can choose either the Square Scallop punch, OR the Boho Blossoms punch - that's the one with three flowers. Boho Blossoms features on page 95 AND page 153 of the catalogue ; it also goes with the "One of a Kind" stamp set on page 95. So that's awesome.

Second awesome bit if info is, I have worked out the absolute best package to get from the Gift Giving Guide (or "GGG" as we like to call it). It's what I bought with my first run at the GGG (yes, I'm planning another). If you choose the Curly Label Punch Bundle (that's a stamp set and punch that belong together), then add the Spiral punch (that's the one that makes "sprocket" holes along the edge of your cardstock, and makes pages that fit into our Art Journals), that comes to just over $85, and you'll get your freebie. So that's three gorgeous punches and a set of stamps for $85. Now THAT'S a Christmas present.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My first Bagalope!

Bag-a-what? A Bag-a-lope, of course! It's a little bag made from an envelope, a cool trick known to lots of stampers, and cultivated by Stampin' Up! demos everywhere, because they are easy to make and demonstrate.

I just had to be different though - couldn't make a straight forward one for my first one...

So I decided it would be a BIG one - made from a C5 envelope (that's the one that fits a piece of A4 paper folded once). You know, a smaller bag would be more sturdy - well obviously! But the person the gift is for needs a LOT of chocolates.

And instead of tying the top up with an elegant ribbon, I went for this cool handle. The secret's the tag punch, folks!

I've used stamps from the Hello Again set, and the Retro Remix wheel (wheels are the secret of bagalope decoration). Those stamps will be coming in the Summer Mini Catalogue, in December. And of course, my two favourite colours, Pumpkin Pie and Old Olive.

Hmm, well, I'm sure I could do a fancier one, but I have to say, that was pretty fun and easy for a quick gift.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pretties from Regionals - just a few of them

Here's one of the reasons we go to regionals - to find out what clever things others are doing.

The Sock Monkey stamps set has been a running gag amongst the Gail Force Stampers (I know, it's rude, but we thought it was just a bit of a silly one).

And then Danielle Scholtz makes this! A really appealing card using that set. I am just loving the bananas! The clever bit is, she's stamped onto two colours of cardstock, and assembled the results, for instant gorgeous! And she's managed to restrain herself to a fitting palette, which looks fab.

Here's another really awesome swap, by Kathy Faulkner, who CLAIMS it wasn't that much work. HAH! The card inside the stocking slides out to reveal a message. That's just a whole bunch of awesome. A very popular swap.

Introducing the Kimmie

In a fit of whimsy today, I created a new stamping form.

It's not an Inchie, it's not an ATC (Artist's Trading Card); it's a KIMMIE.

That's a 1cm square art work. No, it's not easy to make, or share, or even find, but it IS metric, and that counts.

The whole story of the creation of the kimmie is on my other blog, but here's the answer to the key question - where did that pretty butterfly stamp come from?

And the answer is - it's in the middle of one of those gorgeous oval stamps from the Oval All set from Stampin' Up. These stamps are the ones that go with the VERY popular oval scallop punch. They're in the current mini catalogue - which is only on sale until the end of November.

So if you fancy owning Kimmie the Tiny Butterfly, you'd better act fast! I'm takin' orders, but if you have a local Stampin' Up lady (or man), make their day today with an unexpected request!

And here's a scoop - Kimmie the Tiny Butterfly bears a familial resemblance to - something I'm not at liberty to talk about just yet. Something I expect you'll be able to buy soonish. I'm just sayin'

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Regionals - the big day out 2

Here's what Stampin' Up! thinks is an "intimate" gathering - whoah, that's a lot of demonstrators!

Hollie gave an excellent talk about using photos in scrapbook pages, and how to pose for a nice photo yourself. Lean forward and stick your neck out to avoid double chins! After that, it was a festival of neck-sticking-out!

Here's Chris, sticking her neck out...

And here's Lizzie, sticking her neck out...

And here's Gina, sticking her neck out. Rochelle is thinking about the alternative method, putting something in front of you. I'm not sure that a large icecream was the best choice.

A big stampin' day out!

Oops, did I neglect this blog for a bit? Must have blinked in the this busy world! No matter, here's some news.

I went (with lots of other "Gail Force" girls) to Stampin' Up regional training day yesterday - that's "Regionals" to us. It's a day of talks, demos, making stuff, and lots of swapping, with a better-than-average lunch in between.

Lots of photos to share, but let's start with the most important thing. Me. Or my swaps, anyway. They certainly consumed my thoughts for the days preceding Regionals. Being, as you may know, a bit of a punch fan, I decided that was the way to go. I thought about making more cards like the ones I made for the Quilt fair (actually I thought about recycling the last few of them) but it felt like a day to do something NEW.

So, I punched out a few basic shapes and shuffled them around on the table until a new kind of Stampin' Up punch penguin emerged. And a li'l fishy too. My vellum supplies came in very handy as water.

So, Pauline, I hear you ask, how did you solve the adhering vellum problem? I don't see any brads or eyelets!

The adhesive is hidden under the "icebergs" - that mean the vellum is a pocket. Your penguin COULD be free swimming, for a fun interactive card. Cute, hey?

I managed to give away 35 of these little guys in no time flat. Swapping is fun, and well worth the effort (remind me next time, when I am trying to get out of it!).

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!®
Supplies used:
Stamp set: Trendy Trees
Ink :Pumpkin Pie

Cardstock: Whisper White, Black, Pumkpin Pie, Ballet Blue, Vellum, Very Vanilla

Other : Large Oval punch, Small Oval punch, 3/4 inch circle punch, 1/2 inch circle punch, 1/16 inch circle punch, Word Window punch, Scallop Circle punch, Stamp 'n Write journaller

Friday, August 21, 2009

Faux Embossing

This is a nifty technique Flick taught me. She was demonstrating at the recent Quilt and Craft Fair (you've gotta go to those shows, there's demonstrations a-go-go - at least, there are when WE go!).

The faux 3d effect is quite eye-popping!

It looks like the image is embossed (that is, traced on the back with a stylus, so that the image stands up, enough to cast a shadow).

But it's totally flat!

The effect is achieved by stamping once with White craft ink (and what a great ink that is - the best white ink I've ever used!). Let it dry, or dry it off with a heat tool.

Then, use a stamp positioner, like the Stamp-a-ma-jig, to stamp the same image, offset to the side by just a few millimeters, in a dark ink.

Then (this is the unexpected step) stamp a SECOND time in the dark ink, in exactly the same spot. Why? Umm, it's very technical. The first stamping establishes the image, and the second one makes it ... better. Seriously, the effect of the white is powerful, so it takes two layers of regular ink to balance it out.

Here's a close look at the faux-embossing part :

You can see I couldn't keep my hands off my old favourite art material, pages from an old dictionary!

Here's another example I made in the same session.

The butterfly stamp from the Great Friend set (in the current mini catalogue) is also good for this technique. All the other stamps in this card are from that set too. So nice that everything just goes together!

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!®
Supplies used:
Stamp set: Great Friend, Baroque Motifs
Ink :White Craft ink, Not Quite Navy

Cardstock: Not Quite Navy, Brocade Blue, Kraft

Other : Stamp-a-ma-jig

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Open House August 12 - Come Along!

To celebrate the start of the Spring Mini catalogue, I'm having an Open House at my place, and you're invited!

What will we be doing? Well, I'll demonstrate a few things (I could go on like that all night, so you'll need to stop me). I'll have samples for you to look at, and plenty of products for you to see first hand, handle, and maybe even use. I'll have a make and take project ready to go, so you can make something of your own. There will be catalogues to browse through, and you can buy a full catalogue on the night. And of course I'll have a copy of the Spring Mini for you. The kettle will be on, and there will be baked goodies. I like to bake, and eat, so that's an important feature.

Here's the details:

Date : 12 August 2009
Place : My home - call or email me for the address
Time: 7.30pm
Cost : nothing, of course!
Can I make an order?: Sure! But you don't have to.

I'll ask you to RSVP by phone or email.

And my sample here is a set of blocks, decorated with the very sweet Choo Choo stamp set from the mini. I used ordinary acrylic paint on them - I confess I did the whole thing rather quickly; you could certainly get a neater result - but I was INSPIRED!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vellum and Watercolour Crayons - mmm, yes!

I mentioned earlier I'd like to play with some vellum - well, I went ahead and got some Stampin' Up vellum, in both the cardstock weight and the paper weight.

Here's what I made : I've stamped the sprig of leaves, and the "for you" message, from "Great Friend" (in the mini catalogue). I've stamped the flower from "Fifth Avenue Floral" onto the heavier vellum, and coloured with watercolour crayons. I cut out the flower, and adhered it to the base card.

The Stampin' Up watercolour crayons did a fantastic job. When you watercolour, you want to be able to move the colour around just as you like it. These crayons are very obedient, and the colour just glows!

Adhering vellum is always a tricky one - how to hide the tape, or whatever you use? I found that the Stampin' Up glue stick did a great job of sticking vellum to cardstock. Just had to weight it down for a few minutes while it got properly stuck.

See my tricky trick? White gel pen touches to highlight the flower - it really makes it pop!

I made these samples at the Quilt and Craft fair. Such a nice time to colour in flower after flower, and chat to an audience at the same time!

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!®
Supplies used:
Stamp set: Great Friend, Fifth Avenue Floral
Ink :
Summer Sun, Old Olive, Basic Black
Cardstock: Old Olive, More Mustard

Other : Watercolour crayons, Aquapainter, White Gel Pen

NOW the mini catalogue starts!!

All Aboard!

Additions to this blog over the next few days will feature items from the Spring Mini Catalogue.

Here we have "Choo Choo", the gorgeous little train set. It's made of all solid stamps, so of course, I've stamped on Very Vanilla cardstock (the best stamping cardstock I've ever used) for crisp, clean images.

What do you know, the animals from Wild About You like to ride on the Choo Choo train! I love it!

As you can see, I got my "Right on Track" wheel going, in spite of having no handle for it. For your information, yes, it can be done, but it's a bit of a bother. At a mighty $7.50, I'll be ordering the handle. Then, once I have a handle, I can get more wheels, eh?

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!®
Supplies used:
Stamp set: Choo Choo, Wild About You, Jumbo Outline Alphabet
Stampin' Around Wheel : Right on Track
Ink :
Summer Sun, Pixie Pink, Old Olive, Ruby Red, Not Quite Navy, Cameo Coral, Pumpkin Pie, Basic Black
Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Old Olive, Brocade Blue

Friday, July 31, 2009

Spring Mini Catalogue Preview!!!

Just one day to go until I can blab about the pretty things in the new Spring mini catalogue! The catalogues are out there, and I have some to give away too, but as a matter of good style, I'm saving my "Ta-dah!" until the day the catalogue officially starts.

Which is tomorrow.

But today, I can offer you a very special preview,
brought to you in Altered-Penguin-O-Rama.

First preview is a Stampin' Around wheel - yes, I've bought my first wheel! Shame I didn't remember to order the handle at the same time. Ah, well, I'll be making an order tomorrow or so, it can go on that one. Then I'll be set - after all, you only need one handle. Don't you love the design? It goes so well with this stamp set :

Which is sure to be a hit with young boys in particular!

While this set is rather boy-oriented, there's another set in the catalogue that young girls will go nutty over. Less young girls will love it too - I know, I did!
Then we come to the finale of my preview - this!
I know, I know, we've been waiting, and it's here. And the thing that goes with it too. And it goes so well with the other two things that are just like it but different. You'll love the cool results - highly suitable for scrapbooking as well as stamping.

Well, I do hope you've enjoyed my preview. Come back tomorrow for a slightly more informative one.

If you fancy a copy of the mini catalogue for yourself, let me know, and I'll have one to you in a jiffy.

And guess what - I'm planning an EVENT! A no-stress, all-for-fun, get-your-hands-inky, open-house catalogue launch, and you're invited! Mark the evening of 12 August in your diary, and the details will be here tomorrow.

Oh, and if you're not on my mailing list, why not join now? Then I'll invite you properly.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Day out at the Quilt and Craft Fair

This past weekend, a group of Stampin' Up demonstrators had a stall at the Quilt and Craft fair in Melbourne.

We had a lovely time - here's a photo of our stall, with Flick and Chris looking like they know what they are doing (actually, they do).

Here's the door prize we gave away - ooh, everyone loves a door prize.

And here's some of the samples we had on display. The awesome, very decorative ones are by Flick, and the choo-choo train blocks, and penguin box, are mine. The box I made is a template from the demonstrator web site - a nice benefit of being a demo is access to great tools like that.

And here's what we like to set up at our stalls - LOTS of samples. It's a good idea to come by and just look. Up in the top right corner you'll see Chris' One Sheet Wonder - I have to do one of them one day.

And here's Flick's own photos, including one of ME at the stall!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Penguins, more craft show

I spent some of Friday at the Quilt and Craft fair, chatting about Stampin' Up, and I'm off there again today.

Due to fantastic sales of cardstock and ribbon, I'm predicting there's some free space on the table now, so I made a box! I used a template from the Stampin' Up web site (another sneaky benefit of being a demonstrator) so it was pretty quick and easy. And I made a different type of punched penguin for the decoration. You likin' the fish? Me too!

The penguin is made of the small and large oval punches, the 1 inch and half inch circles, and the word window punch. Too easy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Penguins for sale at the Craft Fair!

Yes, actual penguins (see?)

This is a punched card I've made. At the Stampin' Up stall, we're offering handmade cards for sale, something we usually don't get to do.

So I've been busy making multiples of my recent favourite design, the little penguin. Want one? Sure you do! Come to the craft fair and buy one.

Want to make your own? Well, I could just tell you how, but if you live near me, I could come on over with all the gear, and show you! How's that for a deal! Just get some friends together (a few is fine, more is fine too) and we'll have a night of stamping and punching fun. That, my friends, is how easy a Stampin' Up workshop is. I might even bring cookies.

The colours here are some real favourite; Old Olive and So Saffron, as well as Basic Black and Whisper White.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Altered Penguin's going to the Craft Fair!

Hot on the heels of Paperific (one of the most exhausting weekends of my life!) comes the Craft and Quilt Fair at Melbourne Exhibition Centre. And a group of us Stampin' Up Demonstrators are having a stall!

Now, here's what we're going to be doing : at any time, one of us will be demonstrating. Each demonstrator is doing her own choice, so if you keep coming back, you'll keep learning new things. We'll be offering our famous showbags for $10, containing not only the HUGE Idea Book and Catalogue (worth $12.95 alone) but also the gorgeous mini catalogue for August. You won't be able to order from the mini catalogue for a few days, but you can lodge your request with a demonstrator.

We'll have a splendid display of all kinds of stamping, all done with Stampin' Up products. We should be able to name every stamp and accessory used, so the display alone is a great learning tool.

We'll be offering cardstock in neat A5 packets, in the colour families, at 24 sheets for $6. This is a great way to get your hands on a nice variety of colours already cut to card size. If you fancy the bigger A4, or even 12x12, packets, you can place an order on the day.

We'll be offering ribbon sampler packs, with 1m lengths of several ribbons. We've grouped them beautifully, so whatever you choose will be really useful. Our ribbons match our cardstock and inks - don't get me started on how important that is! If you love a ribbon and want a whole roll, you can order it on the day.

We'll also be ducking out to browse and have coffees. Oops, I think I was supposed to play that bit down. But really, 'working' for Stampin' Up is all about sharing what we love, so a day out wearing your Stampin' Up apron is really a play day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Art - those wonderful crayons

Check it out, I drew this with a black Stampin' Write marker, and coloured it with Stampin' Up watercolour crayons. The crayon colours were just spectactular - Garden Green with Always Artichoke made an excellent avocado skin colour.

Phew, I don't usually draw - at all.

Oh, maybe I should let you in on the secret.

It's ... tracing paper! I traced a photo from a catalogue. And I did the colouring on the reverse side! Looked great.

The only thing is, the tracing paper I used was rather lightweight, and buckled a bit with the watercolouring. I think I'll get some Stampin' Up Vellum (it comes in paper and cardstock weight) and try again. Mmm, card weight vellum, that has possibilities.

And of course, you could exploit this technique with stamps and stamp pads, in place of drawings.

The really neverending card!

Did you like the Neverending Card in my last post? Here's a better look at it, through the magic of stop-motion animation. What fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Never Ending Card

One of the nice things about being a Stampin' Up demonstrator is that you don't do it alone - your upline, and her "family" all work together as a group. I'm a member of Gail Force Stampers - the group that comes under - you guessed it - Gail! Just this week, the Gail Force Girls got together for a special afternoon - Flick, another group member, showed us how to make the wonderful "Never Ending Card".

Well, it was marvellous! The table was set with card cut and scored for us already (that's the kind of thing we do when setting up a workshop - just to guarantee that everyone gets success). It didn't look like enough card, but what do you know? It was! All the interesting construction comes in the first step, which is so easy to do (when someone clever shows you!).

Then we spent a lovely afternoon decorating our cards, gossiping, and snacking.

We used some small bits of Designer Series Paper, and everything else was stamped onto Whisper White cardstock. I enjoyed helping myself to Flick's huge marker collection. Wow, you can do a lot with markers! I inked up a number of the stamps with markers (the pink/green cupcakes, for example) - that's one way to get two colours into an image. I also used markers to colour the sprinkles on the larger cupcakes, and to add a touch of detail to the cake cups. Oh, and the cherries, of course! So, although nothing is "coloured in", the card looks very colourful.

You'll see I've also used a bit of sponging - the very edges of each white piece are sponged with a colour from the range I was stamping with. I was pleased to try the official Stampin' Up sponges - turns out they are excellent, and great value at $6.50 for a set of three. I've been using some less good sponges for a while now, and they really need retiring. I'll be thrilled to get smooth new ones.

I'm thinking this would be a terrific project to show to others. Probably not for a general workshop, but great for a class or club setting. Hmm. One of my goals is to get a stamp club together. Well, I already run a stamp club, but I'd love to host a Stampin' Up one, where I present a new project each time, and we all stamp away, enjoying the company, and having a go with stamps and goodies. That's something to work towards.

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!®
Supplies used:
Stamp set: Party Hearty, Crazy for Cupcakes
Ink and markers :
Summer Sun, Pixie Pink, Old Olive, Tempting Turquoise, Ruby Red
Cardstock: Whisper White, Basic Black

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Phew! So that's Paperific!

Well, I've been to every Paperific before, but this time I had a new hat on - Stampin' Up Demonstrator. So I got to demonstrate, run Make and Takes, and chat to people.

I arrived on Sunday morning to find Janine disgruntled - she'd noticed our sign said "Stamping Up", when the company name is really "Stampin' Up!" (yes, the exclamation mark is part of the name). Looking for a good deed to do, I reached up and peeled off the "G", and cut an apostrophe out of the sticky material. I'm sure that gets me some kind of award!

Next step was Make and Takes - I was first up on the Sunday roster. So I got to sit down, and wait for customers. Hah, easy job, everyone knows Sunday morning is quiet. Except that I had two happy stampers immediately, and then another two, and then an unbroken stream of people all the way until the next demonstrator came on duty. She was caught up in something, and I powered on for nearly two hours - loving it, too, it was fun! Here's what we made : a little booklet, with Summer Sun cardstock for the cover, ordinary squares of exercise book paper for the pages, and images from Circle Circus stamped on Very Vanilla, and punched out. Oh, and connected with eyelets, using the Cropadile. I hung the book on a hinged ring, as a cute bag tag.

That scallop circle punch sure is popular - it's fantastic with Circle Circus.

Then I started punching out these shapes out of the scraps. Naturally, people asked to keep them too, so I didn't come home with freebies. Ah well.

Later in the day I got to demonstrate. Ah, sitting down again. I whipped out the watercolour pencils and coloured in the little bird from "Spring Song". Magic, especially combined with the right punches.

I was using my aquapainter for watercolouring. I had recently taken it apart and cleaned it up. I was hoping it would last a bit longer, and guess what - yes it does! This little guy must be six or seven years old, and still going strong for all watercolouring purposes. Aquapainters are available in packs of two (this size, and a bigger one) for $19.95, so that's plenty of watercolouring fun for your money.

What did I make? Check it out! Cute bird, huh? It fits snugly inside the 1 3/8 inch circle punch. I timed myself, by the way. With the base card already cut, I could turn out one of these ATCs in 3 minutes flat! Including colouring, but not including chatting time. So there ya go, colouring doesn't have to take long.

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!®
Supplies used:
Bag Tag
Stamp set: Circle Circus
Summer Sun, Not Quite Navy, Pumpkin Pie, Old Olive
Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Summer Sun

Accessories : 1 inch punch, 1 3/8 inch circle punch, Scallop circle punch, Cropadile, eyelets

Bird ATC
Stamp set: Spring Song, Organic Grace,
Ink: Basic Black,
Summer Sun
Cardstock: Very Vanilla, More Mustard, Chocolate Chip

Accessories : Aquapainter, Watercolour pencils, 1 3/8 inch circle punch, Scallop circle punch

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paperific starts tomorrow!!!

And I'm going to be there!

But not until Sunday, it turns out.

Never mind, I'm there all Sunday, working on the Stampin' Up! stand, and browsing around whenver I'm allowed a break.

Here's a sneak - two cards from my display. They both use one of my favourite new stamp sets : Fifths Avenue Floral. Look out for different demonstrator's takes on this one - EVERYONE is doing something different - it's just so versatile! My two here are pretty different, they hardly look like the same set.

The pink card here uses one of the flower stamps, stamped in black on Very Vanilla, and coloured with Watercolour Crayons (lovely things they are - they come in the 48 special Stampin' Up colours!).

The orange/green/yellow card uses the same stamp set, stamped all over a sheet of Very Vanilla, using Pumkin Pie, Summer Sun and Olive Green (and I think Ruby Red too). These colours all come from the Earth Elements family - that's why they are extra specially harmonious.

You can get this gorgeous stamp set from me by hosting a workshop, or just making an order - it's priced at $45.95 (plus a small postage charge). That's for FIVE stamps in a neat storage box.

Who's "G"? I think it has to be Gail, my upline's upline, and a very nice friend.

So, I'll be running Make and Takes on Sunday at 10 am (first cab off the rank), and demonstrating at 1pm. I'll be swapping ATCs from about 1.05pm (tee hee, can you work out what I am demonstrating?).

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alphabet to the rescue!

I had a super time colouring this hummingbird with watercolour pencils. I even did research on colours (although I admit I didn't conform all that closely...).

So, pretty bird, ready to go, and I was faced with the big problem - how to actually make it look nice on a card. One big problem; I had stamped and coloured on an offcut of Very Vanilla cardstock - it was an odd shape at the bottom. I couldn't cut it straight (I'd lose a lot of the flower) so tearing was in order.

Mmm, nice tear. Having two torn edges echoing each other makes the tear look "meant"; so does the sponging. That's Rose Red ink, and Rose Red cardstock underneath. I am so enjoying the fact that things match!

Now, we just need something to finish the card. I'm not much of a one for bling, so words are the go. Nothing inspires. Wait, I know, use an alphabet set, and create a short, punchy message.

So, what's a word that suits this picture, nice and sentimental, full of meaning. And it should be three or four letters long. I tried a few on scrap paper :

"Hi" and "Hello" didn't work for me, so I realised "Mum" is my special word. As a bonus, I'm sure it's time to send my Mum a pretty card.

I practiced stamping "mum" at lopsided angles, and chose a favourite. Finally I finished the card.
Phew! And people wonder why I don't turn out that many cards. But what major fun it's been!

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!®
Supplies used:
Stamp set: Spring Song, Jumbo Outline Alphabet
Ink: Basic Black, Rose Red

Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Rose Red, Always Artichoke