Friday, July 31, 2009

Spring Mini Catalogue Preview!!!

Just one day to go until I can blab about the pretty things in the new Spring mini catalogue! The catalogues are out there, and I have some to give away too, but as a matter of good style, I'm saving my "Ta-dah!" until the day the catalogue officially starts.

Which is tomorrow.

But today, I can offer you a very special preview,
brought to you in Altered-Penguin-O-Rama.

First preview is a Stampin' Around wheel - yes, I've bought my first wheel! Shame I didn't remember to order the handle at the same time. Ah, well, I'll be making an order tomorrow or so, it can go on that one. Then I'll be set - after all, you only need one handle. Don't you love the design? It goes so well with this stamp set :

Which is sure to be a hit with young boys in particular!

While this set is rather boy-oriented, there's another set in the catalogue that young girls will go nutty over. Less young girls will love it too - I know, I did!
Then we come to the finale of my preview - this!
I know, I know, we've been waiting, and it's here. And the thing that goes with it too. And it goes so well with the other two things that are just like it but different. You'll love the cool results - highly suitable for scrapbooking as well as stamping.

Well, I do hope you've enjoyed my preview. Come back tomorrow for a slightly more informative one.

If you fancy a copy of the mini catalogue for yourself, let me know, and I'll have one to you in a jiffy.

And guess what - I'm planning an EVENT! A no-stress, all-for-fun, get-your-hands-inky, open-house catalogue launch, and you're invited! Mark the evening of 12 August in your diary, and the details will be here tomorrow.

Oh, and if you're not on my mailing list, why not join now? Then I'll invite you properly.

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