Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pretties from Regionals - just a few of them

Here's one of the reasons we go to regionals - to find out what clever things others are doing.

The Sock Monkey stamps set has been a running gag amongst the Gail Force Stampers (I know, it's rude, but we thought it was just a bit of a silly one).

And then Danielle Scholtz makes this! A really appealing card using that set. I am just loving the bananas! The clever bit is, she's stamped onto two colours of cardstock, and assembled the results, for instant gorgeous! And she's managed to restrain herself to a fitting palette, which looks fab.

Here's another really awesome swap, by Kathy Faulkner, who CLAIMS it wasn't that much work. HAH! The card inside the stocking slides out to reveal a message. That's just a whole bunch of awesome. A very popular swap.

1 comment:

  1. I saw that monkey on the stampin' up board after swaps were done & was kicking myself I missed it! Got the stocking one & is one of my favourite swaps, I LOVE it!!