Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little Christmas Gifts

I needed to make some little thankyou gifts this year for a Christmas event. Stampin' Up stuff to the rescue (and chocolate of course).

Here's what I made : there's a tube of So Saffron cardstock, made to fit a chocky bar (they are exotic Skor bars from Canada - delish!). Before fastening them at the back I ran the Retro Remix wheel over them. Then got to work with the punches to make Santa. That's a square scallop punch cut in half for his hat. I think I could have done with a face a tad smaller - as always, owning circle punches in every size is a good idea.

I drew the faces on in Stamp 'n Write marker. I should probably practice those!

What? Stamps on special?

Yes, it's true, Stampin' Up are having a SALE! There's a clearance of certain inventory items, and I'm very pleased about a couple of them.

First of all, check the list on this page, that'll show you what's on offer.

Next, grab your catalogue, and see what we're talking about.

Finally, recoil in delight as you discover ALPHABETS! HALF PRICE! Yup, three of them, two of which I don't already have. There's the Jumbo Outline alphabet (excellent, and used in my Giraffe card here). You can colour it in! You can overlap the letters. The "o"s are circles.

Then there's the Big Deal alphabet, which I've shown in full here (yes, it took some computer wizardry to do that, so you can be impressed). Oh wow, I need that one.

And there's also the Wild West alphabet, a very ornate and cool one...

Each of the alphabets is use $38.98 (that's half price). Good deal!

And there's more besides, but you'd better have a look. As my little friend Giraffy the Giraffe* would say, "Too cool".

* must work on that name.

Do the bunny hop!

Here's something I made... I was using the "Forest Friends" set from the last mini catalogue (such a great set, I'll bet that turns up in a regular catalogue in the future - not that I would know). It needed a little something.

Then my order from the CURRENT mini catalogue arrived. And there was the little something!

What would a little bunny be thinking of? Carrots, of course.

The carrot is made of (wait for it, it's good) the body of the butterfly from Butterfly Prints. Our friends at Stampin' Up have designed the wings and body as separate stamps, so you can use the butterfly punch on the wings. Yay for that!

For the record, to ink up a carrot, you can do one of two things. Use two markers (that's easy), or use two stamp pads. Since it's strictly top-half-one-colour and bottom-half-the-other-colour, you just tap half the stamp onto the pad, and have a good look from the side. My colours were Old Olive and Pumpkin Pie.

Oh, and of course the big thought bubble is the scallop oval. But what is the small bubble? You'll work it out.