Monday, May 24, 2010

I made the candy hearts!

Just when I have tons to add to this blog, the boys (grade 7 twins) have a big project to work on, that they've been dragging their heels on for weeks. So at nearly 11pm I get a few minutes on the good computer.

I just got back from Stampin' Up Convention, in Sydney! It was fabulous, we all had a ball.

And my first thing to share is this : I made candy hearts! That was my swap.

Jeff and I were out one evening, sans kids (it happens for two hours a week, so we always make the most of it). We'd eaten delicious noodles, and were ready to go home, but I suggested "Let's wander until we see something new". In the newsagent, getting pen refills, we found something new - a confectionery cookbook published by Frankie magazine. There, I've given you links, so no complaining.

We flicked through this pretty book (full of retro food styling - old toffee tins, vintage fabric - it's luscious!). We got to the page about candy hearts - their sample ones had stamped messages. Jeff said "Hey, you have stamps...". We just looked at each other, and we HAD to make candy hearts. He helped me shop for ingredients (glucose syrup was the only odd ingredient, and that was easy to find). I rolled out the mix, cut them out with a tiny heart cutter, and picked the right stamps for them. Circle Circus was a big success, as was the word from Trendy Trees. I stamped right onto the candy, using food colour as my "ink". Yes, yes, I cleaned the stamps really well before and after. If you were actually planning to eat them, I'd buy a fresh set of stamps and use them for confectionery only. That's gotta be good for business!

Here's what hundreds of fresh candy hearts look like drying in the kitchen. I made over 100 bags with three to a bag, so that must be ... a lot to roll out.

The first few people I swapped with took them and just popped them in their bags, so I started saying "Help yourself to candy hearts - I made the candy!" THAT got people taking a second look.

I was totally convinced I had made the cleverest and most creative swap there ... until I actually started swapping! Whoa, these ladies know how to do some stuff! Stand by for some photos when I get unpacked.


  1. Just wanted to say I swapped with you at Convention & I LOVED your swap. They are so cute! I loved that you made the candy yourself & stamped it yourself (with one of my favourite sets, Circle Circus!) Great Job, can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

  2. I love the little candy hearts, what a neat idea. I just wanted to let you know that I will be putting them on my website in the next couple of weeks along with a few of my other favourite swaps.