Saturday, May 29, 2010

Me and Shelli - Convention news!

Here's an awesome picture - ME with SHELLI (boss of Stampin' Up). She was in Sydney for the convention, and of course so was I. Gail nudged me over to have a photo taken with the great lady, and she was polite enough to pose for everyone who asked.

I showed this to Jeff, and he just looked blank. I told him it was like him getting a photo taken with Steve Jobs. While Steve hands him an iPad.

'Cos Shelli DID give me (and everyone else) some stamps ... pretty ones too, but I can't show you them yet...

Tons of stuff to fill this blog with, but first of all I'd better alert you to the SPECIALS - join up as a demonstrator yourself for only $259 right now - yes, you get the big starter kit, worth over $500, with lots of choices as always.

And - stand by for June specials. No idea what they are. Just stand by, OK?

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